DVD – CD Duplication
DigaPican make duplicates of you family DVDs and CDs. Each copy is verified as an exact digital duplicate of the original. A custom label is printed directly onto each disk. Copy protected and copyrighted material cannot be duplicated.

DVD/CD or miniDVD Conversion to Digital Files
As technology changes more and more of us no longer have a way to play DVD and CDs. DigaPix can future proof your digital memories by creating MP4 digital files from your DVD/CDs and mini-DVDs. These files can be played on your computer and can be easily uploaded to the internet for sharing with family and friends. Many of the newer SmartTVs can play MP4 files directly from a flash drive or hard disk drive.

Your MP4 video will be delivered on data DVD-ROM disks or flash drives. MP4 files can also be transferred to customer supplied empty hard disk drives or flash drives or DigaPix can supply them for an additional cost. All flash drives will be formatted using the NTFS format. Apple’s macOS can read from NTFS formatted drives, but can't write to them.

DigaPiadvises that you immediately make back-up copies of all your digital memories.