DigaPix has the flexibility in mastering almost any video format you might want us to transfer. We can transfer your video memories to either DVD or MP4 digital files.

Video Formats supported:

 VHS  VHS-C  8mm
 Hi8-Video8  Digital8  miniDV

Up to 2 hours of video can be included per DVD.

Up to 2 tapes of the same video format can be combined on one 2 hour DVD. Different video tape formats cannot be combined onto the same DVD. A 3rd tape of the same format can be added to the 2 hour DVD for an additional fee.

DigaPix DVD’s will play in most DVD players. DVD’s come with custom printed labels in cases. Each disk will include chapter marks at 5 minute intervals.
MP4 video will be delivered on data DVD-ROM disks or flash drives. MP4 files can be transferred to customer supplied empty hard disk drives or flash drives or DigaPix can supply them for an additional cost. All flash drives will be formatted using the NTFS format. Apple’s macOS can read from NTFS formatted drives, but can't write to them.

For customers wishing MP4 files only the cost will be the same as the tape transfer to a 2 hour DVD

Copyrighted material such as recorded TV programs cannot be converted. Obscene or illegal material will not be transferred.

Video tape repair is only available with transfer service.